August 29, 2017

Please call our sales department for the most accurate pricing. There are currently six different surface options and three different frame colors. While TiMotion is based in Taiwan, they actually produce many of their electronics components in China. The standard programmable switch is a nice touch, especially considering the frame was only $298. The company offers two main variants: Home and Premium. Currently, it appears Autonomous has shifted gears to work towards becoming the low price leader within the standing desk category. This covers manufacturer defects and a host of other problems (check the fine print). I would strongly urge you to stay below this capacity, as the bevel gear system used wasn’t the best quality I have seen. The bamboo surface is 52″L x 29″W and 53″L x 29″. It can also rise to 51-inches versus 47-inches for the Personal Edition, and comes with a 5-year warranty instead of a 1-year warranty. That couldn’t be any more true with this product as my experience with the Home Edition was one of the worst to date. Weight Capacity: 220 lbs. The Autonomous Home Edition features electronics from the Taiwanese company, TiMotion. I think the slight price difference is worth it here for an extra 2 years of peace of mind. The Autonomous Home Edition uses a square column design instead of the more popular rectangular shape. I found that if you’re able to keep the height down, you’ll be fine. Product Reviews I personally have the Premium edition and think that it is suitable for folks up to 6’3. The SmartDesk 2 Home Office is the lowest-priced standing desk that includes the top and you can buy one for just $379. Any higher than that and you’ll probably end staring at a slightly down angle to view your screen, or compromising your wrist/elbow position. Your email address will not be published. Opening the frame, I was able to take a closer look at the glide system. Both frames use what are called leg segments. Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Home vs Premium – Which Should You Buy? By this point, the desk was all over the place. With a poor connection to the glides, this a definite concern for me with regards to stability of the desk. If you fail to do this, the hex rod will not fully engage with the bevel gear and the desk will not move. Their first Kickstarter campaign launched in May 2015, and the Indiegogo campaign in June 2015. Second, get a anti fatigue standing mat. Featuring a single motor system with TiMotion electronics, the Home edition retails around $249 + $49 shipping. To add to this, they also offer very reasonable warranties on all their products and many offer free 30 day trials (unfortunately limited to the united states). The upper frame was well built and very similar to other products I have tested in the past. The Premium edition has three of these segments, and as a result has a broader range from 26 to 58 inches. Honestly a large desk space is something that you don’t realize you need until you run out of space. It is important, with all standing desks that use a hex rod, to fully insert the hex rod into the inputs on each leg. Getting the hex rod past this point is the hard part. This means that the premium is more suitable for those of you that are either very short or very tall. Basically, I'm looking to put together a minimal desk setup (dual monitors, a docking station and a laptop). – What I Don’t Like – Electronics When he is not at the office helping customers he enjoys golfing, skiing, snowmobiling and spending time with his family. Because a support tube is being used, the hex will not flex easily so it can require a bit of effort. It is the cheapest electric, sit-to-stand desk on the market. Height Adjustable Range: 29.125” – 47.875” Autonomous also offers Smart Desk compatible accessories to personalize your desk like a USB charger, speakers and a cable organizer. The pricing for all options vary. Visit for more details. Who is and The Breakroom Blog? Autonomous focuses on SmartDesk 2 - most affordable height adjustable standing desk, ErgoChair 2 & Kinn Chair - best ergonomic office chair. Strong, sturdy and stylish. The upper frame support and feet attached to the columns without an issue. This is definitely one of the least expensive options out there. I found this out the hard way and had to use a larger top. Any build-up of dirt will likely cause issues later on in the life cycle of the product. Both versions give a lot of emphasize on the goodness that will come from using a standing desk. As I have mentioned in all of my reviews, stability is one of the most important aspects of a standing desk. We have had standing desk users contact us after purchasing products like the IKEA Bekant, asking how to fix its stability problems. How Stable Are The Most Popular Standing Desks? I highly recommend using a cordless drill if possible. This includes attaching the frame to the desk surface and completing the assembly of the electronics. While they look very similar from the outside, they are not even close when it comes to how they function. The original OEM manufacturer for the Autonomous SmartDesk 1 was the leading standing desk frame company in China, JieCang Linear Technology. In all, the assembly took me about 40 minutes to complete. It’s clear that the Aoke has taken their design idea from the JieCang brand. The AI system would learn about the user and automatically adapt to the way they liked to use the desk. This isn’t a bad idea, considering they are at the top of the food chain, producing what is considered the best in the industry. As a quick side note, I wanted to share some thoughts on maximum height and ‘wobbling’ in the frame. The most common failure point of a standing desk is in the motor. The reset process is a slow transition as the control box looks for the absolute bottom, which then allows the desk to calibrate itself from the lowest setting. This is probably the second biggest difference between the two: the warranty. With that, let’s take a closer look at the Autonomous Home Edition standing desk. Autonomous is a smaller, online only company that makes a variety of office furniture. The SmartDesk-Home Edition standing desk ranges in adjustable height from 29” to 48,” and the range of the SmartDesk-Business Edition is 26” to 52”—for users from about 5’3” to 6’3” tall. I would say keep the total load below 75 lbs and you should be fine. There are some reasonably priced anti fatigue mats on Amazon you can check out below. By the time I reached 40” the desk would continue to wobble even after I stopped pushing on it. The only way for these single motor desks to reset when stuck at the top is to manually lower them to the bottom height. Beyond the 43” mark the motions were terrible and would significantly impact your work. Features If you stop here, the hex rod will turn, but it will not move the leg up or down. Introducing SmartDesk 2 – considered by most to be the world’s most affordable, highest quality standing desk on the market today. There are some reasonable alternatives on Amazon such as this one below that are in a lower price range. Stability Issues Above 37” With stability being the main concern for standing desk users, the fact … Instead, it had a vibration that could be felt and heard while the desk was in motion. Having used the desk in the past, I already knew what I was getting myself into in regard to build quality and such but had never actually assembled one myself. – Testing The Specs Where the home and premium are different is in the duration of the frame warranty. It’s important to note that you won’t be able to use the frame on desktops that are smaller than 46” wide. Careful with water rings though – better use a coaster! I have to give Aoke credit where it’s due. If this investment is a big one, I highly recommend looking at something more expensive. We haven’t had a chance to cycle test any of the Autonomous products yet, so I can’t speak on how long they will last. Adjustable Foot Glides: .5” adjustment. Aoke currently manufacturers all of their frame components and uses TiMotion for all of their electronic components. Already filling the offices of Google, Quora, and HubSpot, this is the most ergonomically sound motorized desk that allows users to preset four … December 27, 2018 By specialoffers. This prevents the desk from overextending itself and potentially breaking the internal gears and components. While it is likely to work for some amount of time, the one year warranty doesn’t give me much faith it will last for very long. Like the foot and upper frame, the columns were well done. Our height adjustable standing desk - SmartDesk 2 Home Edition was designed to make both standing and sitting natural parts of your day. The main differences I can see would be the warranty—7yrs for premium vs. 5yrs for home, the max/min adjustable height, 3-segment vs 2-segments in the legs, and a price variance of around $50. Both of the motors have issues with their encoders, which prevent the desk from properly resetting after a power failure. The Aoke products have made their best attempt at copying the Ketterer gear systems. – Glide Systems 12 Reasons to Avoid Standing Desks Under $400. What is AWS CloudShell and why should you care. This doesn’t need to be anything special, after all its just a piece of foam that you stand on. However, there are subtle differences that you should be aware of before making your purchase. After opening two different Autonomous Frames, I have found that their glides are always very dirty. This bevel gear allows the hex rod to transfer the horizontal power from the motor to the vertical spindle gears in each of the columns. Work Smarter With The SmartDesk 2 Home Office Edition Standing Desk Aside from the obvious benefits of standing desks to your body these types of desks also lead to a … My only concern was the tapped steel used for connecting the adjustable foot glides. Adjustable Width Base: 46”  – 72” The same expandable frame is being used across many of the brands manufactured in China that do not use a traditional cross support. I don’t see much of a difference from a structural standpoint though. Who is and The Breakroom Blog? Front to Back: While the rocking test was better than the wobble test, it wasn’t by a large margin. The Business Edition has two motors, and is rated for 300 pounds. Due to bugs in the system, the AI modules didn’t ship until March 2016 and shortly thereafter were recalled. True. If a desk is inexpensive like the Autonomous Home Edition, there are likely areas the manufacturer cut costs. Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Home Edition Electric Standing Desk (2020 Review / Rating / Pricing). Load advertised. SmartDesk 2 is an innovative standing desk that is affordable and easy to use. – Specs / Pricing / Features The Home edition sports two of these segments, and as a result its adjustable height can range from 29 to 48 inches. With only a few thread lines available and the steel being stretched thin during the tapping process, this definitely creates a less than ideal situation for connecting the glides to the foot. Aoke has been in business since 2012 and is based in the harbor town of Ningbo. The assembly process for the Autonomous Home Edition was fairly straight forward. I opted for the bamboo top which costs extra $50 but the total is just $429 which is still much cheaper than standing desks sold at IKEA. Autnomous seems to have hit that sweet spot balancing affordable prices with great quality. The Home Edition was able to lift quite a bit more weight than the 220 lbs. Warranties are a consideration that I wouldn’t ignore for furniture items like this. These leg segments interlock with one another and push against eachother in order to elevate the desk to an adjustable height. The T base design positions the upper support in the middle of the desk. For the price, I was actually really impressed with the quality of the welds throughout the rest of the frame as well. The Autonomous Home Edition is currently using the TC11 control box from TiMotion. This caulk is likely used to help keep the large components they use in place. You can customize the color and material of your SmartDesk 2 to perfectly fit your home … Today we are going to review the Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Home Edition. Gone is the age of the sedentary lifestyle and its associated health risks. While the spindle portions of the gears looked similar, the bevel gears were not even close. The Autonomous Smart Desk 2 is available in home edition and business edition. The second difference was the size of the bevel gears, with the Autonomous bevel gear being huge. Required fields are marked *. Doing this will ensure that you have fully inserted the hex rod. The Jarvis Standing Desk, 9 Most Common Problems with Motorized Standing Desks, Back App 2.0 Standing Desk Chair Review (2019 Review / Rating / Pricing), WobbleMeter: Stability Testing For Uplift Desk v2 Commercial, VARIDESK VARIchair® Standing Chair (2019 Review / Rating / Pricing), 11 Best Standing Desk Converters for 2020. We make every attempt to provide accurate pricing at time of publishing. Coming in at number one is the Autonomous Smart Desk. 2020 SmartDesk 2 Home Edition Pricing There are currently six different surface options and three different frame colors. I found that the desk went from 29 1\8” to 47 ⅞”. Both of these caused major headaches for our customers during the time period we offered them. Many other brands will offer this as an upgrade and it can cost upwards of $69. Hi all, I am interested in the Autonomous SmartDesk line and noticed they have two versions of their most popular desk, the SmartDesk 2 Home and SmartDesk 2 Premium. The Ketterer gear, on the other hand, was smooth through all transitions. When I operated the Autonomous Home Edition, it never had a smooth feeling. Noise Level: 62-63 dB The most popular offering from Autonomous is no doubt their standing desks. This is because they have decided to use circuit boards that are mass-produced for many applications. Aoke has done a good job, creating a solid upper frame with a consistent paint finish throughout. You will also notice that the TiMotion TC11 an excessive amount of white caulk on the power supply. What you’ll notice after standing for long periods is that you may start to experience some discomfort. Vibrations from the desk can loosen these components or even allow them to break free. We have extensive experience using the TiMotion brand with our VertDesk v1 product. Your email address will not be published. Today we know that standing at your work desk is much healthier than sitting all day. I personally have the Bamboo and it is absolutely gorgeous. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The only concern I have with this frame design is the inability to add accessories like keyboard trays or CPU holders. This is where there is a clear difference in the engineering of Aoke vs. Ketterer. In my experience, the best way to do this is to use a wrench (one is included in the box) to turn the hex piece counterclockwise until you can push it through the input to the other side. led us to change to LogicData for the VertDesk v2 and v3 desks, Vivistand Quattro was the slowest at only .84”/ second, with a similar warranty came with a $300 price tag, GeekDesk v3 vs. VertDesk v3: Standing Desk Comparison. You don’t have to take my word for it though, there are hundreds of social media posts and review threads all over the internet praising autonomous for their quality. Uplift 900 Desk vs. VertDesk v3: Which is better? Unfortunately, TiMotion motor encoder errors don’t allow the desk to lower, so it only goes up and then gets stuck at the absolute top position. You never want to do this by moving the column (leg) up or down, doing this can potentially make your desk uneven. Features Of The Desk. This means you will be stuck with this problem for as long as you own the desk. The glides were the same material used on the Autonomous Business Edition. The Home Edition averaged 62-63 dB while in transition. The common procedure for a standing desk to reset is to lower the desk to the bottom position. Smart Desk 2 - Home Edition : Best Smart Standing Desk for Home | Best standing desk, Affordable standing desk, Standing desk ergonomics Mar 19, 2019 - Autonomous focuses on SmartDesk 2 - most affordable height adjustable standing desk, ErgoChair 2 & Kinn Chair - best ergonomic office chair. False. Note: It’s very important with adjustable standing desks to fully tighten all hardware. It’s pretty much the same desk I had while working on site at except for that one probably being the Business Edition. I was never able to get the desk to move faster than .78” per second. TiMotion is known for making a pretty product, but behind the curtains, it is low quality. They also provide a number of office accessories such as monitor arms, filing cabinets, anti fatigue mats, and many more. – Final Thoughts. One unfortunate thing to keep in mind though is that the XL version does not come in the Bamboo variation – it only comes in the classic size. That was definitely the case with the Autonomous Home Edition and it ended up being one of the least stable products we have tested. Top 5 Trending AWS Services For 2021 and Beyond Why now is the best time in history to become a software engineer Autonomous SmartDesk 2 vs. VertDesk v3: Which is the best? It should come as no surprise that the only other desk we’ve tested with a similar warranty came with a $300 price tag. Looking at the quality of the bevel gear, this was obviously where the issue originated. I received the frame without any damage and as well as it was packed I can’t see many opportunities for any. This is why people are turning to the best standing desks like the Autonomous Smart Desk 2. The desk lowers all the way down to 26 inches, which is about two inches lower than most desks (including the Home Edition), and raises to 52-inches high, which is a comfortable standing position for taller typers. Required fields are marked *. Opening the control box you will find that TiMotion is using a two-board system. It was well packed in a single box, with cut foam to hold all of the components safely in place. If you want to mount products that require a deeper surface area, you will likely have to create some type of shim to span across the upper supports. I only ordered the base option for the Autonomous Home Edition. Both desks also have the option of the Classic Top (53 x 29) or the XL Top (70.5 x 30). Autonomous Inc helps offices #worksmarter Both versions emphasize all the benefits of a modern standing desk. While the saying “you get what you pay for” is true here, for those that are on a tight budget this is probably one of the best low-cost options. Second place would go to Linak who isn’t very far behind; Linak just doesn’t have the experience making gears that Ketterer does. The assembly process of the Autonomous Home Edition could take users up to two hours depending on your skill level. The MojoDesk adjustable height desk ranges from 24” to 51” to deliver comfort to users between 4’11” and 6’6” tall. What you cannot see from the outside, is that the actual input for the gear is set back about .5” from the edge of the hole you see from the outside.

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